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Theater Kickstarters

15 Sep

There are two theater companies that are near and dear to the heart of CakeIn15 which are currently in the end run of Kickstarter campaigns for their upcoming productions, so (seeing as how, yes, contributions have been made- we support the art we want to see) we’d share their videos and give them an extra push. The tricky part of Kickstarter is that if you don’t reach the pledge goal, you get none of the money, so the challenge to come in over the line is on.

Lamb Lays with Lion, of which c.a.s. was a member when it was based in Minneapolis, is now in Brooklyn and putting together funds to mount their first show there, Lamb Lays with Lion’s $ (pronounced “dollar sign”, apparently). It is about the destructive nature of the green stuff and, given that these are mostly couch-surfing, wait-staffing and temping actors that are putting together a bar-brawl dust-up of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, they can use as much of it as they can get. 7 days left to help them hit $1,000, which you can do here.

Closer to home, the intelligent jokesters of Four Humors are raising funds for another financially-based skewering, with their The Extraordinary Terms of Ordinary Life. Set just before the stock market crash of 1929, a yound insurance salesman discovers that things aren’t all what they seem, which, well, they rarely are. Count on Four Humors and their talented cast to make the most of that, as well as of your money. 4 days left to help them hit $3,000, which you can do here.

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