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Drive By Truckers Webcast

8 Jul

Patterson Hood of Drive By Truckers in the First Avenue Mainroom, 2008

By jeff_mcl

I tuned in on the web for a live audio stream of the Drive-By Truckers show from The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC, on a Saturday night a couple weeks ago in anticipation of their Basilica Block Party appearance. It turned out to be really decent audio, interrupted by ads, but DbT put on a great, nearly 2 1/2 hour-long set. The timing probably won’t allow for that long of a performance at BBP, but I really wish it did. I’d say this set really took off after Patterson took a few minutes to introduce “Box of Spiders”, song 15. From there things built strongly to the always powerful, everyone-yell-out-loud closer, “Hell No, I Ain’t Happy”.

A ten-minute break set-up a 40 minute(!) encore. I thought they were done after scorching versions of “Where the Devil Don’t Stay” and “Let There Be Rock”. But, I was wrong. In all, a great Rock Show from Drive-By Truckers, and I’m really looking forward to BBP.

Drive-by Truckers live webcast, The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC, June 25, 2011
Start – 9:40ct
1) Gravity’s Gone
2) Life in the Factory
3) Uncle Frank
4) Go Go Boots
5) Birthday Boy
6) My Sweet Annette
7) Pulaski
8 ) Where’s Eddie?
9) Everybody Needs Love
10) A Ghost to Most
11) The Righteous Path
12) Women Without Whiskey
13) Mercy Buckets
14) Cartoon Gold
15) Box of Spiders
16) The Weakest Man
17) Used to be a Cop
18) Three Dimes Down
19) Hell No, I Ain’t Happy
“Thank you, Goodnight!” -Patterson Hood

Break – 11:14ct-11:24ct

“Let’s keep this party going”
20) Where the Devil Don’t Stay
21) Let There Be Rock
“Are y’all ready to go home?” “No?” -Patterson Hood
22) Marry Me
23) Buttholeville
24) Shut Up and Get on the Plane
25) Angels And Fuselage
End – 12:04ct

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