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John Waters at the Walker

12 Jun

John Waters has been holed up in the Walker Art Center as of late, putting together an exhibition titled ”Absentee Landlord.” Waters chose pieces from the Walker’s permanent collection and then mixed in some of his favorites (and some of his own art as well). Cake In 15 was lucky enough to attend Waters monologue “This Filthy World” on Friday night and found out a few things about Mr. Waters, all of which were much funnier live:

  • Waters bought his first piece of art at 8-years old. He knew it was good because all his friends hated it.
  • Attending Catholic high school gave Waters the “rage to make Pink Flamingos.”
  • Met Justin Bieber while on the TV show Graham Norton, where Bieber told Water his ‘stash was “the jam.” Waters also noted, “Isn’t it wonderful that Michael Jackson never met Bieber?”
  • Favorite author is Grace Metalious who wrote “Peyton Place.”
  • The NY Post’s headline when Ike Turner died was “Ike Beats Tina to Death” – wow.

  • You can’t date rape a cookie and you can’t hate rape a pie.
  • When choosing between lethal injection and the gas chamber, Waters would choose the gas chamber so he could bang his head on the dividing glass and scream “I want to live!!”
  • When hosting a dinner party, if an invitee says, “Oh well I can’t eat wheat…” “Well fuck you then, don’t come.”
  • People who have reading material in their bathroom make him ill.
  • Jazz is the sound of heroin.
  • PETA – their slogan should really be “Fur makes you look old.”
  • Your cat hates you, can’t you see that!?

You can see Waters exhibit at the Walker now through March 4, 2012. You should also pick up his new book “Role Models.” They have it for sale in the Walker’s gift shop, along with novelties like whoopee cushions and squirting cameras approved by Waters himself.

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