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Cake In 15 Presents Memorial Day

30 May

Thanks so much to all those who were able to make it over to CakeIn15’s Memorial Day BBQ!  We had a lot of fun – large bags of cheeseballs, ketchup chips, SO many buns, handstands, cupcakes, sparklers, fireworks, dark & stormys, photos, puppies, drawings of octopi,  smores, vinyl, and so much more. Eat more food!

Since we’re going to be self-serving in this post, here’s a rundown of some of today’s tweets from attendees:

Staciaann I haz cheeseballs for the bbq! #nomnomnom

Staciaann Making cupcakes for the bbq!! Pink frosting WITH SPRINKLES.

blushnbashfuls @Staciaann with sprinkles?! girl, you crazy 🙂

catiyas @Staciaann caught cake-handed!

toddodowd @blushnbashfuls @Staciaann I’m bringing brats!

blushnbashfuls @toddodowd @staciaann mmmmm…braaaaaaaats

brenface You know you’re probably in the right place if there’s a green Scion parked out front.

trikno Where are @brokenhalo and @misskittypryde

sloped Where are you @brokenhalo

toddodowd Where are you @brokenhalo?

formica_dinette Where are you, @brokenhalo?

kidneybingos Where the f**** is @brokenhalo?

MeredithWestin Where the eff is @brokenhalo?

plesserchick @brokenhalo Where are you?? Get here, now!

toddodowd memorial day!! (@ Cake In 15’s The Cake Shop w/ @plesserchick @staciaann @jaygabler @formica_dinette @solace)

brokenhalo Holy crap everyone. Just got home from Bemidji. Six hour ride. Not going anywhere.

MeredithWestin @brokenhalo Nooooo! I only came to see you pass out!

formica_dinette @brenface buttocktopus

jahnapeloquin Cake in 15 BBQ kickin’

caerickson @brokenhalo dude we just got back from chasing a bunch of rock and roll offspring around in the hot sun, but we are making an appearance!

formica_dinette This is a BYOBathroom kind of party.

brenface @formica_dinette but spelled Bachtopus.

JayGabler @sloped: “If you started with a giant bag of cheese balls at 2 PM, by 7 PM you could be done.”

jahnapeloquin Cake in 15 BBQ stilllllll kickin’

brenface @brokenhalo is a stupid ho for not coming to the party. STUPID HO.

sloped Fireworks!!

jahnapeloquin Firecrackers at the Cake in 15 party. Feel like a 13 year old

Staciaann “You’re in MN. It’s greyduck. Leave that shit in Hudson.”

brenface “You won’t be young forever, but you’ll be Manthey for ever.” Listen up, @youngmanthey

formica_dinette I love my life and my people!

winnerbowzer I just walked into a screen door that was clearly marked “this is a closed door”. #America

brenface I could probably spend a few hours picking Matheny’s brain on Motown recording styles alone. Amazing.

formica_dinette @catiyas <3 thanks for having an incredibly lovely BBQ!

toddodowd What a great night! Octopus drawings! Fireworks! Sangria! And a metric ton of my faves in one place! Xoxo to you all at @CakeIn15‘s BBQ.

toddodowd And big sloppy hugs & kisses to @staciaann & @catiyas for throwing such a fun party.

fivesixzero Cake Shop BBQ, with sparklers:

plesserchick @MeredithWestin and @formica_dinette got all close and personal at today’s bbq. #hawt

solace @plesserchick @formica_dinette @MeredithWestin how did I miss that?!? #FAIL

jamieplesser Farmers markets, bike rides around the chain of lakes, BBQ’s. A damn fine weekend. It’s going to be hard to return to reality tomorrow. #fb

MeredithWestin Meredith Westin: is delighted to know that @catiyas shares her love for Sister Act 2.

MeredithWestin Meredith Westin: does handstands when she’s drunk AND when she’s sober.

blushnbashfuls thank you @Staciaann @winnerbowzer for the hugs that were needed. #USA! #realsummer2011

catiyas @MeredithWestin I was never a Las. Vegas. Showgirl. IIII, was a headliner. #WhoopiVoice

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