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Bedlam 10 x 10 Fest

11 May

The Bedlam Theatre‘s 10th annual 10-Minute Play Festival kicks off at the Capri Theater on the Northside tonight, and it will mark the fifth year that cas has participated in some way, half the run of the festival! Sheila Regan wrote a nice piece for the City Pages Dressing Room Blog about how the festival has changed since the Bedlam lost their home space last year, and how those changes are making for a wider, more connected and more diverse experience. By way of shameless self-promotion which also goes to why the 10Fest is such a great thing, here’s the paragraph with cas’ pull quote:

“While the core group of actors were chosen through application, everyone who auditioned was cast. “One of the things that I have always appreciated about the festival is that since everyone who shows up and wants to participate is cast, that means that the people who are in the plays have a sincere desire to be there and a willingness to push themselves,” says Carl Atiya Swanson, who acts in a piece about a gay couple having kids.”

That sincere desire to perform, and the fact that it covers a huge range of topics; gay rights, refugee stories, 9/11, drug abuse and more, in all sorts of styles and forms. You’re not going to get a bigger, weirder or more exciting grab-bag and it’s guaranteed to be funny as hell to boot.
David Isenberg and Carl Atiya Swanson in “Absence Makes The Heart Grow Sour”, written and directed by Christopher Garza

10×10 runs through Sunday, May 15th and is divided into 3 groups of plays, Set A, Set B & Set C, which contains adult content and cas is in. For more info click here, for tickets, click here.

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