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Chastity Brown

9 May

Soulful and explosive singer-songwriter Chastity Brown is doing something special for the month of May- releasing seven videos of her and her band in seven days. The last time we saw Chastity, she was killing it for Record Store Day at the Electric Fetus and then guesting on a haunting rendition of “Plastic Lines” for the No Bird Sing Theft of the Commons record release, but neither of those were really nearly enough of her glorious voice. So if you want more of Ms. Brown (and we figure she warrants the honorific, NYTimes & Lauryn Hill Style) then follow her on Twitter or Facebook to get the updates and the videos. She dropped the first video today of her combo opening up at First Avenue for Jeremy Messersmith with the tune “Strong Enough”. Keep watching the dial, and if you need more to fill you up, here is a post from her Cake Shop house show last year to keep you going!

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