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White House Correspondents’ Dinner

2 May

CakeIn15 wears its generally bleedingly liberal heart on its internet sleeve with a fair amount of regularity (click through for posts on gay marriage, institutional censorship, economics or cas’ take on Middle Eastern politics) and even when we’re not explicit about it, it’s informing how we write about the world around us. But sometimes there are just some things that we think are politically, and from an artistic/performance standpoint, really great, when people we are fans of really shine through, and we should take the time to honor those moments. Saturday brought about not one, but two of those moments at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, as President Barack Obama and SNL head writer Seth Meyers both delivered blisteringly funny speeches. Given the Trump-trumping birth certificate release earlier in the week and the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden that followed the next day, a few moments of levity just hammered home how cool Number 44 can be, and funny, purposefully and pointedly so.

Laughter seems to help make obvious the balance of power and the side of right; when you can laugh at power it draws people together and the act of laughing an also be a balm in the face of the abuse of power. The last time the WHCD saw something this sharp was Stephen Colbert’s lacerating 2006 send-up of George W. Bush, a performance so brutal and so frank, the story is that when Laura Bush speaks to Colbert at the end of the speech, she is telling him in no uncertain terms what to do to himself. Colbert’s satire wasn’t necessary on Saturday night, because some of the funniest moments were simply a statement of the fact, like reminding Fox News that a joke was a joke. One of President Obama’s most politically pointed jokes was about Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, whose draconian budget is currently being pushed by the GOP. Ryan wasn’t in attendance, Obama explained, because “his budget has no room for laughter.” That ability to laugh and be flexible is a great liberty, which has the same root word, liber, Latin for “free”, as liberal, which, as Colbert pointed out in 2006, reality has a strong bias towards, as do we here at this funny little blog.

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