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The Deponent Board for Emerging Artists

22 Apr

Last Sunday c.a.s. was on a jury for “Open File” the inaugural show of The Deponent Board for Emerging Artists, the project of a group of MCAD juniors and seniors created as a tongue-in-cheek stab at the often murky curatorial world and how much control organizers have over art shows. In order to play with the idea of creating meaning through context, the DBEA issued a deliberately vague call for artists, giving artists the freedom to submit whatever they chose with the knowledge that all proposals would be made available in the gallery space. They then assembled a panel jury of non-affiliated and disparate individuals to select which of the proposals would actually be hung in the final gallery space, giving the DBEA another layer of remove from the show that they ostensibly should have been responsible for creating. Also on the jury were Broc Blegen of the 1419 collective, Todd Bockley of the Bockley Gallery and graphic designer & producer Kai Benson, a.k.a MK Larada of Doomtree. So, not a slouch in the crew and the show, out of our control as it really is, came together with it’s own funny sense of officious resignation, small joys and some all-out absurdity. Opening (and really the only night of the show as it runs for a week) is this Saturday from 6-9pm in the Suite 130 of the Thorp Building, 1620 Central Ave NE. Come and check out what’s on file, see if you would have hung it better or differently and enjoy the work of a wide swath of talented local artists, many of whom you might never imagine in an office setting. Plus, the MCAD kids are getting class credit for it!

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