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The Local Current Debuts

14 Apr

Mark it down, 12AM April 14 2011, debut of The Local Current. Seriously, how many ways could we not love this more? Coming from the good folks at 89.3 The Current, The Local Current is an all-local radio stream, which means more chances to hear the bands we already love and discover new treasures coming off our streets. It’s an all-the time stream on the web, which is perfect, because we’re up at all hours jonesing music and are almost never without some sort of computer around. And it’s free, partially funded by the Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which just makes us feel good about living in a state that is still trying to value cultural and community institutions and is willing to actually pony up to make it happen. Take note, world, we do it better because we care, and now we’ve got a 24/7-world-wide-way to prove it. As long as The Current keeps on playing local music over the good old-fashioned airwaves, this is looking golden, so congrats on kicking it off.

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