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What You Missed: The Joy Formidable

7 Apr

Oh man oh man. Dear sweet quaking, all out thrashing, guitar pummeling, bass throbbing, get on the ground and spin around, torn between face melting and wide smiling, wild-eyed glory and wonder of rock and roll. That’s about as much you can say about The Joy Formidable, who absolutely convulsed the Entry into a giddy paroxysm of pleasure on Wednesday night.

That their sequencer cut out at one point? Mattered not a whit. In fact, in Austin at the Fader Fort, apparently their bass amp caught fire just before they took the stage and it didn’t matter there either. That trio, Ritzy Bryan on vox, guitar & crazy eyes, Rhydian Dafydd on destructive bass and feverish drummer Matt Thomas, are the best thing to come out of Wales since the new Dr. Who and Roald Dahl. They packed a huge punch into a seven song set and then cut out, leaving the packed Entry hungry for more in the best possible way.

That was one of those shows that will go down in lore. “Were you at The Joy Formidable in the Entry?” “Hell yeah I was.” “Were you outside afterwards when Rhydian thought the homeless guy offering a shine was trying to take his shoes” “Sure, why the fuck not?” That just happened, and there’s not much more to be said, apart from let’s hope they’re back soon, because right now, it feels like only they could top their show this year.

Check out Staciaann’s full photo set, including openers The Lonely Forest and Mona!

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