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What You Missed: Pillars and Tongues at the Cake Shop

5 Apr

Once again, we are overwhelmed by the loveliness of live music in an enclosed and comfortable space, and reminded that whatever other craziness may be coming down upon us, that the Cake Shop shows are totally worth it and wonderful in their own right. Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday afternoon, and thanks especially to Pillars and Tongues for coming up from Chicago to play the show- it was the first time we had ever had that much amplification, the first time with a full drum kit and also the first time we had ever had a harmonium in the room!

With their recordings (like their first and second Daytrotter sessions) the sense of grandeur, unorthodox pairings of rhythm and modulating harmony to create a shifting otherworldliness that could be both challenging and moving is obvious. What was so much more apparent and vibrant, bouncing off the warm wood of the living room, was how Mark Trecka on harmonium and Beth Remis on violin create something organic, fluid and very much alive. The pulsating of the of the strings and bellows mixed the forward-flowing insistence of the rhythms whipped a rich atmosphere that that hung like a heady incense, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Along with Ben Babbitt on percussion and bass as well as Jonathan Kaiser of Dark Dark Dark sitting in for an extra dose of cello, the afternoon was entrancing and refreshing, a subtle and welcome way to celebrate and end the week and the beginning another one anew.

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