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Hey Rosetta! at the Entry

13 Mar


Well, we just moved our clocks ahead…maybe that means we’re all close to ending our collective hibernation. I certainly hope so. And, SXSW is right around the corner. But, before we move ahead, I’d like to quickly highlight a recent show at the 7th Street Entry.

Hey Rosetta! Photo by Phil Maloney

Hey Rosetta! (w/Total Babe and Story of the Sea), 7th Street Entry, February 26th
On a bitterly cold Saturday night, one of the hottest bands from Canada right now came south to visit Minneapolis while touring for their new sophomore album release, Seeds. Their shows are selling out across Canada, and in some cases for multiple nights. Although not quite a full house here, it was clear that Hey Rosetta! has very loyal fans. In fact, I heard numerous conversations about how far people had traveled to be there; the furthest I heard was 7 hours!

Equally impressive was their ambitious stage set-up. I thought they might travel with a reduced line-up for this show, but they did not. A 3-person string section joined the other four members on guitars, keyboard and drums to fill the small stage with a full seven member band. If you’ve seen any video of their larger shows in Canada, you know they are fully capable of playing highly theatrical performances on much larger stages.

As it turned out, that might have been a hindrance to my fully enjoying their set. They are a band that is so ambitious; creating multi-layered, reaching, soaring songs. But, for me, it was a bit too much; at least early in the set. It took until about mid-set when they slowed things down and went back to a couple older songs for me to really get into things. I really enjoyed “Yer Spring”, “Red Heart”, “There’s an Arc”, and a fun cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” that started the encore.  In the end, it’s a band that I’ve really enjoyed on record of late, but I feel like they deserve to perform in a venue with the space to allow their sound to build and grow.

Total Babe – Photo by Jane Gardner

I did, however, leave impressed with both of the local openers – Story of the Sea started things off with a solid, straightforward, highly energetic rock set. Calling them a great garage band would be underselling their (seemingly) simple, straightforward sound. Total Babe was next, and continues to win fans with their highly infectious power-pop sound. The youth and energy of the band is highly contagious, not to mention the well constructed pop songs – it’s easy to like Total Babe. They also brought out a couple new songs on this evening, even bailing on one and coming back to it again later; a refreshingly honest moment. I also saw a couple other local musicians paying particular attention to Total Babe, so they’re either fans or friends of the band. But, either way, all signs point to good things ahead.

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