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Cliche- Avoid the Grey

2 Feb

The Cliché boutique “Avoid the Grey” runway show is always a good mid-winter pick-me-up, a way to kick off the new year with a taste of some of the more established Twin Cities designing talents and also some getting their first breaks. The fifth edition of the event, held on Saturday at the Old Arizona Theater, took a different approach from the usual runway-style show by grouping the 21 designers into 7 different themes, so that each designer was assigned to create three looks to fit into the theme. It was a novel approach that yielded some interesting results, as the designers sought to differentiate themselves, but also felt like it diminished the individuality of the designers by making them interchangeable in the final lineup. For instance, in the “Greta the Gardener” segment, with an emphasis on florals, Kathryn V showed two looks with heavy patterning and one with a light pattern on a white base to start it off. When Kjurek Couture rolled out two-white-based patterns and one darker look to end it all off, their efforts could have been visually co-mingled.

Kjurek Couture- “Greta the Gardener”

Which may be the point of Cliché, as a store, to show- here, you can find all sorts of things that mix and match, and one of the most fun parts of the evening is always the capstone ending when owners Josh and Delayna Sundberg and stylist Andrea Oseland highlight their own skills by styling models from their non-local stock. Other highlights were the innovative meet-and-greet breaks that allowed the designers, models and attendees to mingle, the Isabella Blow-inspired butterfly headdresses and rings by Cocoquette, Sarah M. Holm’s Betty Boop lingerie, Danielle Everine‘s gauzy draping, the overwhelming feel of sci-fi antiseptic in the “White Minimal” segment presented by Amanda Christine, ArielSimone and Niki Couture, which Niki admitted during the mingling, was “challenging” because she “never designs in white”. Hopefully that challenge brings out new ideas and inspirations, lots to like and plenty to mix and match, and you know where to get it.

Ivan Idland– “Simply Dotty”

Staciaann shot two slideshows for City Pages, an overall view of the show, and their picks for best looks. Check it out!

Cliché styling at it’s finest!

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