Le Misanthrope or The Impossible Lovers

20 Jan

Live-tweeting in the darkness of a concert is one thing, but doing it onstage at a play is a whole ‘nother can of worms. But that’s just what Illusion Theater and the Light House Group asked attendees to do as a preview and promotion for their new staging of Molière’s Le Misanthrope or The Impossible Lovers, adapted and directed by Eric Powell Holm. Featuring Breana Jarvis as Celimene and Brendan Frost as Alceste, the titular impossible lovers, and with Isabel Nelson playing Oronte, Eliante, and Arsinoe, and Matt “Sass” Spring as Philinte, Clitandre, and Dubois, the show blends updated themes and contemporary language with the traditional rhyming couplet structures of Molière’s original text. The dialog sometimes swings and sometimes strains, but the capabilities of the cast (not to mention some well-timed improv and spit-takes) carry the day. Le Misanthrope or The Impossible Lovers runs for 4 shows from Thursday 1/20 to Sunday 1/23, 8pm showtime. Here’s a rundown of the live-tweets with the hashtag #lightsup, which was used in the theatrical sense, but we’re happy Buffalo Moon chimed in too.

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