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Me and My Arrow: Kickflips and Pogo Sticks

18 Jan

When you’ve got a musical scene so chock-a-block with talent and innovation as the Twin Cities, it’s easy to get almost complacent about it. I’m sure we can debate the merits of certain projects over others, where the highlights of the year or decades may be, but let’s face it, we’re way better off than, say, Salt Lake City. We’ve got it good, and think that everyone else should know it too, which is why it makes us happy when our bands go out on the road. Not only does it mean other cities get to share in our wealth, but challenges our bands to grow too, more so than playing the same set to the same general group of people over and over again.

In that spirit, Me and My Arrow, the epic 70s orchestral 10-piece fronted by Jacob Grun, are putting out a short DVD “Kickflips & Pogo Sticks”, documenting their tour out to the CMJ Music Marathon this October. The DIY-doc runs about 40 minutes and has cameos from a number of other TC bands who were out in NYC this fall, as there was a decent MN contingent out there. The DVD release party is at Honey on East Hennepin tonight, Tuesday 1/18 at 9pm, with live music around 10:30. The band is planning on giving “Kickflips & Pogo Sticks” away at shows and the whole thing should be available online, so let’s get behind getting our guys out of town more often, if only so that we can welcome them home again.

Me & My Arrow at the Turf Club from CakeIn15 on Vimeo.

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