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What You Missed: S. Carey and The Daredevil Christopher Wright

15 Jan

It was a warm and smiling crowd that packed in to the Varsity Theater last night to catch S. Carey and The Daredevil Christopher Wright, and they were treated to a night if lovely music that sparkled like the still-decorated chandeliers and fake pine trees. The Daredevil Christopher Wright were sharp and endearing as ever, their lush harmonies and washing guitars counterpointed by staccato percussive breakdowns and finger picking. They were obviously enjoying themselves in front of the large crowd and at one point encouraged audience participation by exhorting “Everybody shout BLOOD!” The Daredevils are working on a followup to In Deference to a Broken Back, and Jon Sunde deadpanned, “It’s got some potential.” If they are getting the same rich tones on tape that they are getting live, then it’ll be a gem.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright from CakeIn15 on Vimeo.

The Daredevil Christopher Wright from CakeIn15 on Vimeo.

As he took the stage with his five other musicians, Sean Carey looked a little bemused, which might just be part of his Midwestern demeanor. Still, three years ago I remember him talking about how he went home and listened to all the Bon Iver songs on MySpace so that he could join the band, and that’s turned out pretty well for him, as All We Grow has racked up accolades (including one from NPR for album photographer Cameron Wittig.) As S. Carey, the songs and arrangements take lots of time and leave vast open fields in the orchestration, which is both lovely and frustrating- if I were on a hike with the band, I would want to be at the head of the column to set a pace and catch a bit more of the landscape. But whereas sometimes space feels like hesitation, Carey and his crew (including Mike Noyce, also of Bon Iver’s band and Gayngs) seemed determined and forward, if languorously, driven. Nothing scary about that. Staciaann will have has a photo slideshow over at City Pages soon, but and you can also enjoy these videos in the meantime!

S.Carey at the Varsity from ;CakeIn15 on Vimeo.

S. Carey covers David Bazan from CakeIn15 on Vimeo.

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