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Interview: Now, Now

17 Dec

It’s not easy to change your name in the midst of building a reputation but that’s exactly what Cacie Dalager, Jess Abbot and Brad Hale are trying to do. After generating some buzz in the past couple years as Now Now Every Children, the trio shed the last part and re-branded themselves as Now, Now in the past year. They are still working on getting that to fully catch on, but are not letting naming issues and a transitional year deter their musical ambition. They released a new EP Neighbors on December 7 via No Sleep Records (their first since 2008’s Cars, on Afternoon Records), play this Saturday at First Avenue as part of the Motion City Soundtrack-organized Popsickle Festival, have a tour lined up with Hellogoodbye and Gold Motel and plan to record a new full length record this winter. All that adds up to big plans for growing up. Download the title track to the EP here and check out the interview below!

CakeIn15: Having all three of you on the phone, I feel like Cacie, you and Jess could answer for eachother and I wouldn’t know the difference.

Cacie Dalager: Yeah, even when we do video updates or anything like that, I can’t really tell our voices apart. Maybe I should speak a little bit huskier. We could give ourselves nicknames. I could be like, “T-Bird, over.”

C15: Yes, and Agent Falcor and Nighthawk.

CD: Yes! [laughs]

C15: [Laughs] Awesome. Now that we’ve had this childish fun, why drop “Every Children”?

CD: That was a good segue.

C15: I pride myself on my segues.

CD: We have been thinking about it for a couple years, just throwing around the idea, We’ve wanted to simplify and we added another member, so we wanted, we’ve been kind of waiting for the right time to drop the “Every Children”. We didn’t take a year off, but we spent the last year figuring stuff [out] and in the past year we came to the decision that it was time to go through with it and make everything more simple for us and not have people yell at us about being grammatically incorrect and stupid things as opposed to music.

Brad Hale: It was just something that people would talk way too much about. We would be like, “Oookaay…”, and even after we dropped it, people are like…

Jess Abbot: [whiny voice] “Why did you do that?” “Blah blah blah.”

BH: Yeah, it hasn’t really done it’s job.

CD: It’s not something that’s a huge deal, its more something for us. So if people still call us Now, Now Every Children then, I mean, you can’t expect something to go away, not after you’ve had a name for three years, it’s not anything that really bothers us at all.

C15: You spent the year transitioning, another transition was off of Afternoon Records and onto No Sleep Records, how did that come about?

JA: When I first started playing with Now, Now, I wasn’t an official member, I was a touring member, so in that sense I wanted to be able to write stuff too, so I was trying to do stuff as a side project for myself and one of my friends in another band contacted me and said that one of his friends at a label wanted to talk to me about stuff, That’s Chase, our manager now. So he had been to me for a year about doing stuff for myself. The day before we went to release Neighbors on our own he had called me and said “Hey what’s up?” And I was like, “Oh, not really writing anything for you to listen to.” And he said, “Well what about Now, Now stuff?” I was like “Well, I guess that’s alright, we’re about to release a record,” and he was like, “Well, do you want to do it on No Sleep?” And after many heated discussions, we decided that we would.

C15: How has No Sleep treated you so far, has it been good?

CD: Yeah, No Sleep is awesome. They’ve been super supportive of everything that we’ve wanted to do and they haven’t been the kind of label that will push you into doing something that you don’t feel is right. They just kind of let you do what you want to do and that’s the best thing you could ask for in a label.

C15: The Neighbors EP feels less synth-y and fuzzy stuff, especially with the acoustic tracks. Was that something that you were working towards?

CD: It wasn’t something necessarily that we were intentionally doing. With the addition of Jess…

JA: [coughing]

CD: [Laughs] Sorry, Jess is having a coughing fit. With the time that we had, we just got to spend time on it and mess with things and do a bunch of different versions of songs, that’s kind of just what ended up happening.

C15: Is that the direction of the new full length you’ll be working on this winter?

CD: The full length is more like the EP then anything else…

BH: Not totally like it though. We’re just spending so much more time making sure that everything is perfect in how the songs are, making sure that everything is exactly how we want it.

C15: What is your conception of perfection?

BH: Well, I guess, I think…I don’t know. Cacie?

CD: A perfect record is one that we can all agree on for one, because, with the addition of myself, it’s been having to balance three different styles against eachother and what we want for the record is that it’s really representative of all three of us, because we’ve applied ourselves to each song individually in a really good way, and I think its perfect if we are at a point where we can all be really proud of a song in an equal sense, because we all worked together.

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