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Gwar at the Cabooze – in Tweets

7 Dec

Cake In 15’s Staciaann & Pat O’Brien headed to The Cabooze on a Monday to check out metal band/performance artists/aliens Gwar… here is their story:

@brokenhalo: At the Cabooze for GWAR. It is metal as FUCK in here.

@staciaann:  At gwar with @brokenhalo! Ha ha

@brokenhalo: There are at least ten foot-tall+ mohawks in here. Holy crap.

@brokenhalo: If it gets nasty in here @staciaann is on her own.

@staciaann: @brokenhalo Don’t make me face punch you

@brokenhalo: Is there a way not to be covered in urine and vomit at the end?

@brokenhalo: The singer of Inferneon (yep, Inferneon) has a shirt on reading ABORT CHRIST. Uh, ok then.

@staciaann: This dude is totally gonna have whiplash. Holy balls. #gwar

@brokenhalo: This band just pulled out an amazing cover of “Creeping Death”. The entire floor is a pit. There are gonna be injuries.

@staciaann: Mohawk guy is SO not having any of this mosh pit

@brokenhalo: Inferneon’s singer wants to make sure we know he smokes pot. Yeah dude, we get it. Metal. Now STFU.

@brokenhalo: He seems like a guy who’d get arrested for beating the crap out of his mom at a truck stop.

@brokenhalo: Seriously. This guy is a huge dbag. Three-minute anti-religious rant. Worse than those dudes by Target Field.

@staciaann: I keep thinking about Empire Records. “hey Marc, why don’t you join the band?” … And then Gwar eats him.

@brokenhalo: I’m so out of my element here. There are women in this crowd who could beat the hell out of me

@staciaann: I am glad I rented a lens tonight so I can stand on the risers with the old people and not get moshed. I expect to get messy tho.

@brokenhalo: Just talked to one of the guys from The Casualties. Super nice dude.

@brokenhalo: Ok. The Casualties are awesome.

@staciaann: The kid next to me is like 8.

@brokenhalo: The lead singer has no front teeth.

@brokenhalo: Casualties covering “Blitzkreig Bop”. Kick ass.

@staciaann: Everyone tell @brokenhalo to stop being a wuss and stay to see if the goo even reaches us. #gwar

@brokenhalo: I’ve never seen a crowd so excited to be sprayed with semen and bile.

@staciaann: @brokenhalo you forgot about blood! #gwar

@brokenhalo: I’m legit frightened about what’s going to happen. #GWAR

@brokenhalo: Started. There’s a guy on stage who’s sole purpose is shooting blood out of his mask onto the crowd.

@brokenhalo: Oderus Urungus:”I want a fuck a dead animal!” A dead werewolf was brought out. Now it’s spraying blood everywhere.

@staciaann: One dude is wearing triceratops heads as shoulder pads.

@brokenhalo: This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. #gwar

@brokenhalo: One of the guys is wielding a huge chainsaw and spraying bile on the crowd.

@brokenhalo: Lady gaga is now here wearing a toilet and spraying blood. I got hit. Dammit. #gwar

@brokenhalo: Well, I survived. I’m covered in blood and smell terrible. GWAR shows rule

@brokenhalo: I’m going to be bummed at work tomorrow when things aren’t spraying bodily fluids all over the place.

For more of Staciaann’s photos check out Gimme Noise at City Pages!

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