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26 Aug

The venerable PBS program NewsHour stopped into Minneapolis to tape a segment on Community Supported Art, the innovative arts-sharing program put together this summer by and Springboard for the Arts. It’s a great look at how successful arts innovation can be in the Twin Cities and makes us really sad that we were broke/slow when they announced the project earlier in the year. Not to fret though, on the success of this run, the CSA program is being doubled in size (no mention of doubling in price, which would bring it up to- yikes- $600 a pop) for the next run, meaning that your winter could be brightened by monthly deliveries from local artists of all kinds. Count us in.

Update: The excellent Mr. Andy Sturdevant informs us that indeed, the price remains the same, $300 a share. If I am reading the Springboard website correctly, even though there will be 18 participating artists, the boxes will still contain works by 3 artists apiece, so each share will get the work of 9 different artists. Count us in and reserve your Fall share for $100 here.

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