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Video Premiere- Peter Wolf Crier “Hard As Nails”

14 Jun

Peter Wolf Crier – “Hard as Nails” from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

Peter Wolf Crier are out of town right now, backing up their debut Inter-Be with a full swing tour with Freelance Whales which is bringing them a number of blog mentions and some healthy road experience. While out of town though, local film-making outfit Northern Outpost have put together the first video for the duo, dramatizing “Hard As Nails” and have set it out into the wild today. Credit where credit is due, the video original concept should probably go to Jeremey Catterton, who organized the This Is Not For You house show series last fall, populating an empty house with the ghosts of a family who had once lived there, and even down to having Brian Moen drumming in the basement. Peter Pisano wanders through the memories of of the house with a cameo by the lovely Margaret Lane of Hildur Victoria (guitarist Joe Clark of HV also manned the camera) and the video has the air of sad beauty around it, well fit for Peter Wolf Crier’s late-night lamentations.

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