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The Black Keys

10 Jun

“This is Part 2 of our 2-part Minneapolis series” -Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbach really didn’t have to say anything during the show Wednesday night, so it doesn’t matter that he didn’t say much. Auerbach introduced drummer Patrick Carney about four times, thanked the audience a handful of times and then had his guitar do the rest of the talking as The Black Keys tore up their second night of a sold out two night stand in the First Avenue Mainroom. Who needs words when you’ve got sustain and soul?

It was really lovely, in fact, to be standing in the middle of a crowd of people and not have to worry about what to write, it was just great, that’ll write itself. From the big coiling chords opening up “Hold Me In Your Arms” being there was the fix, Thickfreakness indeed. I wanted to ask the stocky, built guy in front of me if his gyrating girlfriend whipped her hair at him like that when they made love but the answer seemed self-evident, this is America and we’ve got roots and that’s how a guitar is supposed to sound and damn isn’t it sexy. Stack Lee showed up for “Stack Shot Billy” and there never was no badass so down and dirty as Stack, he’s the giant galloping, fucking id of the national mythology and God bless him for being in the room, and for wearing Auerbach out so that when they rolled out the red carpet on “I’m Not The One” from the new record Brothers and he sung “I’ve been tried and I’ve been tested/I was born tired and I never got rested” it wasn’t a rote recitation but it was the dirty gospel of the can-do spirit. It’s Yankee music and Dixie music and it came from a basement in Akron, Ohio, like music comes pouring out of Memphis and Detroit and Kansas City and Birmingham and Austin and Minneapolis.

It doesn’t matter if the bro with the weed thinks about it in this way because he already knows it and the sweet blonde smiling and giggling and pawing up on anyone around her, she can tell in the high pitch of the whammy bar tearing above that this all goes farther back than she knows, but she does know this is good in the here and now. When Auerbach and Carney called it a night with “Till I Get My Way”, it’s part singalong and mostly amen, brother, and out in the night to get mine too.

The Black Keys- “Girl Is On My Mind” from CakeIn15 on Vimeo.

Plus, their sweet video for “Tighten Up”. And the crowd goes wild!

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