MNfashion Pepsi Challenge

15 May

By now, I am sure that with the great American marketing mechanism- word of mouth buzz- you have heard that Pepsi is giving away a bunch of money with their “Refresh Everything Challenge” to fund various arts, cultural and political proposals. As always, need is greater than resources and since television and marketing based competitions seem to be the last bastion of pure democracy (all you need is an idea and people!) here is something we think worth voting for: MNfashion has a proposal in for a $50K grant to fund a sewing co-op that would provide jobs, resources and support to local designers. We’ve written about this before, when we posted about MNfashion’s member drive, and when I interviewed Executive Director Anna Lee about Voltage two years ago for The Onion, it was something that she brought up then. So they need your vote- the top ten proposals in that category get funding and as of this writing, MNfashion ranks 174th. Daunting, yes, but no-one gave an untested Illinois senator good odds before the Iowa caucuses, and it’s just so much fun to be the underdog. Minneapolis likes to surprise you like that. Go vote here, and vote everyday until May 31st.

Also, if you are Art-a-Whirling this weekend, swing by the MNfashion space in the Grain Belt Bottling Building on 13th and Marshall. Not only can you vote from their computer there, but you can also check out Staciaann’s awesome photographs up on the wall, as she is an official MNfashion photog. Double win!

Also, again about the Refresh Everything Challenge, there are multiple winners in all categories and a number of local entries, so look around and find stuff to vote for. Since we pay for the companies to exist, we should be getting something back other than dentist’s visits.

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