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Frightened Rabbit Makes Me Want to Make Out

23 Mar

In 2008 I went to SXSW with a full on schedule in mind. One of those things was to see this band called Frightened Rabbit from Scotland. At that time I was forced to admit to myself that I had a problem. Every time I liked a new band, they were from Scotland. There’s something about that weather, those people, the fact that the last time I was there the McDonalds still deep fried their apple pies (drool)… so it wasn’t too surprising they were on my “to see” list.

After their show in a crowded tent at the Iota party, I found myself sadly disappointed. I wrote about it for HowWasTheShow here. Then, their album “Midnight Organ Fight” came out. The way that Scott Hutchison sang about the ending of relationships on that record made me ache. The music & lyrics bring back perfectly painful reminders, yet somehow heals with the way it’s all put together.  The emotion that filters through made me want to weep in the best possible way. I had to see them again.

In 2009 the band played both the 7th Street Entry here in Minneapolis as well as the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.  At the Entry, the band opened for The Spinto Band where FR blew them out of the water.  It was one of my favorite shows of last year, & proved to me that these Rabbits were the ones I’d been waiting for (no offense to OMGWHITERABBITS who I also adore & love).  It must’ve been venue, the insanity of the festival, or maybe just jetlag that made that one show not so great. This band holds their own – even when all their pedals & other gear refused to work at this year’s Paste party, they powered through and came off winners.

Since then I’ve been lucky to see the band twice & I’m happy to report they’ll be invading the Varsity Theater here on May 10.  Please go see them.  You will be treated to a show your heart will never forget.

From the Paste party at SXSW, where the band was forced to forgo their normal equipment:

Then, of course, there was this tweet:
"The cherry on the sxsw west cake is... I got to meet Craig Finn! Thanks to the fine Mr Johnny of Bowery. Key that shit in. With a key. " 3:03 AM Mar 21st via TweetDeck

Like I needed another reason... they love The Hold Steady! Oh Frightened Rabbit, what you do to me.

I don't want to forget to mention this: Frightened Rabbit have a brand new album out!

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