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South by Spinner Part II

15 Mar

Less than 24 hours before we get on a plane and get ourselves down to Austin; believe me, we’ve been counting down the hours. But, ’til then, here are the rest of the interviews. You can tell they were getting to the end of assignments with the run of WXY here (I almost got to interview Xzibit, wherein I would have asked him solely about Extreme Home Makeover, but Spinner has a special hip hop site that took care of that) but it was still a good run. These interviews make 17 in total over the last 3 weeks or so which ain’t too shabby- editors, take note.

“But yeah, one of these days, I’m going to write a song, she’s going to love it and leave Spike Jonze, and it’s going to be Woolfy and fucking Karen [O].”

“Memphis was one of the most insane nights we experienced on that trip. We saw a lot of people get thrown out like battering rams, two car wrecks, it was just amazing. It was super wild.”

“Suddenly, in Monterrey there were a lot of interesting bands, this was, like, four years ago, five, that suddenly a lot of good bands were emerging from nowhere here in Monterrey but they didn’t have recordings or money to go into a studio, so we got cheap recording equipment and started recording those bands we thought were interesting.”

“Just go down and have a good show and have a good time, meet people, mingle, go out, do stuff. Don’t just hide in your fucking van or hotel room, if you’re fancy enough to have one of those.”

“I think that they can expect their personal space to be invaded, direct communication. It is not a one-way show, the audience is very much a part of the show and we expect a lot of them.”

“It’s not a fallback career at all, it’s all I have. I dropped out of school in 9th or 10th grade, man, the only other jobs I had were throwing bricks, throwing fish, ditch digging, all that shit. Just blue collar. I don’t want to make just ten dollars an hour for the rest of my life.”

Yes Giantess
“We’ve done a lot of official remixes for labels and bands but I would say that our favorite was one night, we were goofing around and we did a remix of ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus.”

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