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Shameless Self Promotion: Welcome To Dystopia

12 Mar

I have admired the Four Humors Theater company since they blew me away with their Fringe show Bards at the Southern in 2007. Seriously, a noir gutterpunk Shakespearean spy thriller with the music of Wu Tang sung in English madrigal harmony? Ridiculous, and awesome. Their work doesn’t disappoint and Lamb Lays with Lion shared the bill with them earlier this year at the Guthrie’s Singled Out Festival, so we’re all good there. I have also long admired director Sam Johns, from her work on Maria Irene Fornes’ dark tale of Southern squalor Mud to this winter’s The Thing with a detour in between for the M A R S P RO J E C T, which I was lucky enough to be a part of.

So take these best-of Twin Cities things, mix in the Bedlam Theatre, add a dose of Orwell, hysterical humor, paranoia and love and what do you get? Welcome To Dystopia, opening tonight. I can’t review it, because they asked me to do the video design and I am very proud of that work, especially how it plays in the space, so all I can say is, if you are looking for love in all the future places, get thee to the Bedlam. Get your tickets here, and come this weekend, because Jon Davis of Ghostband (who is part of the sound design team) has planned a whole mad Dystopia Days party. Do it, thank the Person In Charge.

Welcome to Dystopia Trailer from Carl Atiya Swanson on Vimeo.

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