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Picking Up Crumbs: Julian Berntzen

19 Feb

Memo from 1996, AOL still exists. It’s true, and whatever else the once-mighty internet monolith may be doing (trying to figure out how to get me to pay for internet hours again?) one of the cool things they do is run a music website called Spinner. It’s a pretty sweet way to stay abreast of what’s happening in the more mainstream music world, with exclusive videos, downloads and behind-the scenes looks at bands, as well as full album streaming. Spinner is also one of the sponsors of the South By Southwest Music Festival, and have embarked on an ambitious project to interview all of the bands that are officially headed to SXSW. As such, they’ve hired a bunch of freelancers to help them cover this gargantuan task, which means I get to work and talk to some artists that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Case in point, Julian Berntzen of Norway, a talented multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for concept albums and theatrical presentations who used to lie about his age to play in jazz clubs as a teenager. I interviewed him as part of the SXSW preview series here, and wouldn’t really have thought to call Norway on a snowy morning if I didn’t know someone was paying me for it, but I’m glad I did and that their education systems are better financed and developed than ours, because there is no way I could have managed in Norwegian. You can check out the full list of interviews as they go up here, and I have a couple more coming down the pipeline, so I will post them up when they are published. Until then, enjoy this awesomely lo-fi special effects video for Berntzen’s track “Rocket Ship Love” and dream of other countries and climates rocking out together.

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