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Video Premiere: The Melismatics- Digging Deep

12 Feb

MTV might be getting a head back on it’s shoulders (but don’t count on it, you know?) A couple days ago, the erstwhile “music” network took a break from the trainwrecks of American culture to couple days days ago, to put up the video for “Digging Deep” from glammy local punks The Melismatics. The Melismatics have been plugging away at this for years and have always put on a riotous live show, so it’s nice to see them get a high-profile nod. The video for the admittedly emo-ish tune has a really simple but well executed concept to it, courtesy of Justin Staggs, who also directed one of our favorite videos from last year, “Dead And Gone” for rockabilly outfit Reckless Ones. That guy, along with people like Bo Hakala (Lookbook’s “Over and Over“, among many others) and Gregory Hubacek (Mike Mictlan’s “Prizefight“), are doing a lot to push the art of the music video in the Twin Cities.

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