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Ok Go Wants You to Watch This… No Matter What

19 Jan

Ok Go… do you remember them? They’re the guys on treadmills that do that “routine” in that video? That amazingly wtf routine that made them viral? The one you tried to do at the gym, but failed miserably because you just couldn’t get eight treadmills lined up correctly?

Ok Go has a new album out. With a new album comes new videos. Ok Go wants you to watch their new video for the single “This Too Shall Pass.” However, their label EMI uses You Tube, and thus forbids embedding as embedding = no cash for EMI. The band, however, understands that maybe you don’t want to/won’t go to You Tube, so they’ve made the video available to embed via Vimeo, even though EMI won’t see a penny. It’s all explained quite eloquently here.

Ok Go explains the overall problem with today’s music industry like this:

What we’re really talking about here is the shift in the way we think about music. We’re stuck between two worlds: the world of ten years ago, where music was privately owned in discreet little chunks (CDs), and a new one that seems to be emerging, where music is universally publicly accessible. The thing is, only one of these worlds has a (somewhat) stable system in place for funding music and all of its associated nuts-and-bolts logistics, and, even if it were possible, none of us would willingly return to that world. …All the same, if music is going to be more than a hobby, someone, literally, has to pay the piper. So we’ve got this ridiculous situation where the machinery of the old system is frantically trying to contort and reshape and rewire itself to run without actually selling music. It’s like a car trying to figure out how to run without gas, or a fish trying to learn to breath air.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

So, for now, here’s the bottom line: EMI won’t let us let you embed our YouTube videos. It’s a decision that bums us out. We’ve argued with them a lot about it, but we also understand why they’re doing it. They’re aware that their rules make it harder for people to watch and share our videos, but, while our duty is to our music and our fans, theirs is to their shareholders, and they believe they’re doing the right thing.

So watch the Ok Go video above via the band’s Vimeo posting… and then go BUY their album to make up for it.

Oh, and watch this again.  It’s brilliant.

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