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Bedlam 20.10Fest IDEATHON

19 Jan

Carl Atiya Swanson and Catherine Hansen in No Sugar Cookies For Herbert by Tommy Jamerson, directed by Georgia Leigh Hallman, Bedlam 10Fest 2007. Photo by Brad Dahlgaard.

Three years ago, looking for a challenge and some non-traditional theatre in the Twin Cities, I showed up to the group audition for the Bedlam Theatre Community 10 Minute Play Festival. I remember it being a wild, loosey-goosey affair, with lots of actors and non-actors, games being played, bits of scripts thrown around and presented to the assembled directors and all in all the kind of barely-contained anarchy that I have come to love about Bedlam. I was in three different plays that year, with a cameo in a fourth, in 2008 I came back for four more and in 2009 I only acted in one, but also directed one (which takes the energy of acting in at least two.) 10 Fest has been one of my favorite annual events in the Twin Cities, and this year it is getting a shakeup in the process in order to cast a wider net amongst theatre artists, build increased community relationships and foster new development. The first step in this process is this weekend, Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th with an “IDEATHON” an open forum of workshops lead by local artist (I am leading the first session on Saturday) to get ideas flowing and build a strong 20.10Fest. It is free, you can register here and would be even more fun if you showed up.

Saturday Jan 23rd

1pm: Carl Atiya Swanson: Developing Ideas and Dialogue with techniques from Meisner and Boal

2:30-5:30pm: Lisa Channer: Director as Creator
bring several photos of yourself at various ages and one provocative piece of music that is not pop music.

Sunday Jan 24th

1pm: Jeremey Catterton: Refining the Material

2:30pm: Lelis Brito: Using Compositional Improvisation to expand an Idea

4pm: Jeffrey Lusiak: Intention and Text

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