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Inquisition at the Walker

7 Jan

The Walker Art Center is bringing back The Inquisition, and not the unexpected Spanish variety, nor one centering around the preference for cake or death. This Inquisition is a game show, a quiz forum where experts go up against the audience on matters of art, theory, history and the gossipy tid-bits. The whole point is that “art is fun” and as the Giant Conceptual Art Destroyer Robot Head (approach the Herzog & de Meuron addition from the south and tell me you don’t see it- even they see it) can be imposing, an evening of light-hearted bickering can only be a good thing. Susannah Schouweiler over at the Walker blog has more of the skinny, including probing interviews of the featured experts- MPR’s Marianne Combs and the inescapable Andy Sturdevant. So if you feel your critical theory is up to the task or you just want to get a chuckle taking some potshots at arty eggheads, the Walker Art Center, Thursday at 7pm is the place to be. If only in our wildest dreams it could live up to this episode of What’s My Line? with Salvador Dali

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