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Video Premiere: Islands- “No You Don’t”

6 Jan

We’ll admit that when we got the press blast for this video, we got pretty excited. Michael Cera! On acid! Sweet! And then we watched it and remembered why we only gave the Vapours record a couple spins earlier on in the summer, with the cheesily inane electrobeat and Nick Diamonds’ drawn out, kinda self-important vocalizations- on the record the tunes pushed far enough to expose all the flaws and not pushed far enough to make it an experience. Same goes for for the direction from TV Carnage‘s Derrick Beckles. I mean, Michael Cera! On acid! But instead of the balls-out psychedelic maelstrom of MGMT’s “Time To Pretend” video, the trippiest thing about this is some public access softcore special effects. Oh well. So why did we post this? One, Cera’s wearing a terrific jacket that say “Khartum Winnipeg”, which turns out is some Shriners deal, but is the weirdest thing about the video and two, we know that one of you out there, with your giant, ever-expanding safely neutered crushes, is going to need to see Michael Cera with a partially bedazzled face. Consider it your lucky day.

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