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Picking Up Crumbs: Spirits of the Red City

31 Dec

You’ll notice on Staciaann’s 2009 show list that the first show there, and one of the highlighted favorite shows, is Spirits of the Red City at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. That was a special show, an intimate venue with crowded stage that the octet of musicians managed to make feel as though it contained their own expansive universe. The crew is hard to pin down, both in terms of location- they live all across the country, tour all the time and call Minneapolis their home despite playing only two shows here last year- and style- too orchestral for straight pop, too experimental for straight folk, not easily pigeonholed but still warm and inviting. They are back to do it again this year and have expanded their repertoire, bringing in girlfriends as collaborators to make an experimental theatre piece to precede their set. The theatre piece is titled “The Silent Bell” and is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Jason Overby, Telsche Thiessen (a veteran of Bedlam Theatre and Open Eye Figure Theatre) and visual artist Lauren Treece and will include puppetry, live action and music. In this interview for The A.V. Club, Overby, Thiessen and bandleader Will Garrison dished about the BLB show on the 2nd of January.

Although the group plays it close to the chest, like the tight family they are, some things that did let out some bits that didn’t make the edit that were also intriguing. As well as planning more shows in Minneapolis this year, they are busy at work recording a new album, as well as a 7″ and they have everybody in town recording in a single session. This is quite a feat, and given that their debut disc, Hunter Moon, sounded that way despite being pieced together as able, we here at CakeIn15 are anxiously awaiting the results.

Spirits of the Red City – Live – Focus & Blur from Spirits of the Red City on Vimeo.

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