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A Dozen Bits of Writing to Ring Out the Year

31 Dec

Gorram end of year, stupid list making end-of the-decade hoo-hah, makes this curmudgeon sit and spit and spin large yarns and look back in reminiscences, adhering to the tyranny of the Julians and journalistic fabrications that make years easily delineated into digestible decades and here we are again and what the cuss have we learned from the years past to get over staring into the darkness of the future? Who knows? Since Staciaann did her year in pictures (and whatever else you want to say about 2009, she did make it look good) here are a dozen stories that were important or most interesting or most fun to write. When going through the lists there was a lot of stuff that I wrote for other people, City Pages and The A.V. Club and I am happy to have done that and grateful for the opportunity, but here are my favorite writings done because they needed to be did. Drive safe tonight, this year shouldn’t end without you.

The Revolution’s in the Details: Rauschenberg at the MIA
“This is a feat of concept and perspective that re-invents the readymade as representation and re-establishes the place of the artists as both revealer and creator of mystery in everyday life; a self-contained explosion on the artists’ continuum.”

Rock Photog Bob Gruen at the Current’s Fakebook
“It’s not all unassuming. When Paul Simonon of the Clash warns you that “we’re cunts” and you tell them that well, they look like cunts, you’ve got some chutzpah going for you.”

Laura Fulk: “Suffocate”
Rock Dreams for High Fashion or Sewing on the Edge

The Alarmists: Disclosures For The Hollow Men
“They played like they didn’t give a fuck. Like it was alright to get hurt and live to tell about it. ”

Michael Jackson 1958-2009
21 Sequined Glove Salute or Let’s Hope Brutus and Antony Were Both Wrong

“Phoenix are a pretty ok band from France mostly notable for making jaunty pop-rock, being named for a city in Arizona and the lead singer’s romantic involvement with Sofia Coppola (mostly notable for ruining Godfather III, redeeming herself via Bill Murray’s sad sack routine and making wine that comes in soda cans.)”

Rejected from ARP!
“I have told my girlfriend that I will be writing this, a verbal warning. “Baby,” I say, “I’m going to write this thing because there ideas flying around and there is a deadline and it may take me stomping around and smoking cigarettes and shouting and listening to Dylan to shake these thoughts out.””

Basilica Block Party: Crisis of Faith
Catholicism WOW! or Hanginaround the Holy Water with my Little Hoodrat Friends

“But the actual event demands some retelling, in some hard-boiled form, like a Raymond Chandler bit.”

This Is Not For You
“To fully describe the event would be to undercut it’s secrets and as unfulfilling as the cliff-notes to House of Leaves. ”

Love Is Blind…And Furry
“But, there might be nothing funnier, I suspect,
Than Jon Mac Cole, fully erect.”

The Mountain Goats + Final Fantasy
“Any Fantasies You May Have After This You May Disregard as Fallacious” or “Their Perfection is Absolute and Everlasting”

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