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Picking Up Crumbs: Martini & Olive

30 Dec

There is something noble amongst actors, that the hoary old chestnut about the show going on is not just for the sake of the audience, but also to the fellow company-members. Such was the situation that Judy Heneghan found herself in at Thanksgiving, when Grant Richey, her long-time partner in the holiday-70s-disco-kitsch extravaganza Martini & Olive and Twin Cities theatre mainstay succumbed to a long battle with cancer. Richey may have moved up to the big stage in the sky, but his Tony Martini character is getting one last whirl at the Bryant-Lake Bowl this New Year’s Eve. Heneghan (as Olive) has put together a best-of tribute show, Martini & Olive Unzipped: A Tribute To Tony Martini along with her husband Peter Staloch, local author Lorna Landvik and the Swizzle Stick Dancers, all of whom will be familiar to the audience who will be laughing through tears. In an interview for the A.V. Club, Heneghan and Staloch expanded upon the history and the future of the characters, and struggle with how to truly go on.

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