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What To Do Tonight: Minnesota Music Mondays

21 Dec

Once long ago, in days of yore, music geeks gathered from far and wide at the Nomad World Pub for the “Spins”. Sponsored by, the Spins was a chance to throw on a geek-selected playlist, have a drink and talk music, do funny things and chill out. The Spins are no more, merely a whistful tear in many a music-head’s eye, but Grumpy’s NE is reviving the spirit of the thing with their Minnesota Music Mondays. Last week, City Pages’ Andrea Swensson and Ben Clark spun the tunes, and this week, Staciaann of Cakein15 is picking the playlist! True to Cakein15 fashion, she’ll be bringing cupcakes, which go great with a pitcher of Hamms, and the tunes will be all local, including new and old holiday tracks from folks like Roma Di Luna, Haley Bonar and Low. Swing on in and raise a glass to toast the season from 7-9 tonight, Grumpy’s NE, 2200 4th St NE.

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