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Foxy Tann’s Beaverdance!

14 Dec

“Hello Capitalist Tools!” or Waiter, There’s a Song in My Soup


I am not an unbiased supporter of Bedlam Theatre (although I can still be a clear-headedly critical one). I laugh too loud there, have spent a bunch at their bar in the past and might be featured in an online fundraising video, but that’s only because I happened to be in the audience last night. Instead of reviewing or recapping the show, let’s just get down to the fur and teeth of the beast with five reasons to go see Foxy Tann’s Beaverdance! before it closes next Saturday (plus one video.)

1. Braised Kale This is also a general, raving endorsement of the Bedlam Kitchen, but when you go, spring for the dinner menu. The braised kale is tangy and fresh with a big salt bite and although it has been featured as a side at Bedlam in the past, I could just eat a plate of it. The exceptional four course menu, put together by Lucas Koski and Rosa Oesterreich features a wild rice stew and entree offerings like Maple Cajun Seared Trout and Sweet Potato and Cheese Pierogies, and everything is sweetness and light with food like that in your belly.

2. Brown Velour Beavers are super cute, even in the opening gag- which I won’t reveal but I am glad I wasn’t drinking anything as it would have come out my nose. The whole Beaver family, where everyone is Beaver, is the perfect proto-Socialist community, kind of like the Seven Dwarves with a penchant for double entendres. Led by their Snow White (Laura Leffler-McCabe as Princess Bemidji, who pulls out the operatic singing stops) the beaver turn out alright, whether they be hot, wet or shaved.

3.Outrageous Accents Seriously, how else would you know he’s French? How else could you tell he’s a German economic philosopher? Wizz zat Ooutraageus Accent, as John Cleese would say. John Francis Beuche as Jacques Brainerd and Corrie Zoll as Santa Marx whip out their big ones, which is great for making statements “My happiness is growing!” and keeps everything buzzing along at the right level of ludicrous.

4. Audience Participation Look, any show that starts off with the audience clapping and hollering “BEA-VER! BEA-VER!” is a show you want to be a part of. When you are exhorted into singing the Beaver version of the Internationale which happens to be a disco-ish number telling you to put your hand in the wet beaver, there is a great sense of solidarity. Even if you don’t decide to overthrow your capitalist oppressors, you can definitely overthrow another Summit and get into the Marxist holiday spirit.

5. Gay Stuff It’s right there in Ben Egerman’s cast bio, and it wouldn’t be musical without some sparkly production numbers, glittering costumes, light bondage and hot-footed dance. Scotty Reynolds as tailor-turned-voyageur-turned-wildlife costumer Loring Park and Tom Lloyd as the devious Mr. Blaine fill the roles nicely, and I’ve decided that after this show and his turn as Summertime Awesomeface in The Million Dollar Museum, Lloyd really needs to host a cabaret/talk-show/cooking special in his Divine persona. Seriously Bedlam, there’s a holiday show in it. For now though, Beaverdance! is going to fill that void.

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