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Picking Up Crumbs: Holiday Theatre Picks

3 Dec


This picture has nothing to do with holiday theatre, but was tagged “theatre” because the show was at the Varsity and should inspire you to be grateful about your life.

That said, in the tradition of generosity and goodwill (directly in opposition to the wishes of Mother Nature that people be miserly humbugs hibernating alone at this time of year) we put together a list of holiday-esque type shows we feel good about for the A.V. Club. It is not a fully comprehensive list (for that, a tip of the hat goes to Jay Gabler over at the TC Daily Planet who hoarded more shows than a squirrel does chestnuts) but a nice mix of ones you could take mom to, take mom to after a few egg nogs or to get away from your mom after a couple egg nogs. Anyway, don’t let it ever be said that we didn’t get you nothing.

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