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Things You Should Own: Lifter Puller Vs. The End Of

2 Dec

Picture 7
Alright Minneapolis, you had your ‘Mats fix last weekend and it’s time to move up in the decades and get to Lifter Puller. Available now at Treehouse Records, and Treehouse is the only store in the world to have it, is Lifter Puller Vs. The End Of, a slim, square book that mixes oral history of the young Craig Finn and photos from shoeboxes with the complete lyrics of all of Lifter Puller’s releases. All that is pretty sweet and it is a well put together glossy book, perfect for collecting or flicking through for inspiration, but it also comes with a download card. That card gets you the entire LFTR PLLR catalog, from the all the singles from 1994-2000 and all four studio records, 3 LPs and an EP. Whoever designed the download system had shit for brains (you have to download each track individually, all 57 of them) but it’s worth having if you want to hear the pre-Hold Steady Finn and Tad Kubler busting out some edgier, dirtier, mid-90s chops. With the cold coming on, it’s a limited run of 1000 and for only $25 clams, it’s worth the warmth and the party.

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