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Kristoff Krane needs a “Miracle”

27 Nov


Local underground rapper Kristoff Krane is a hugger, he’s got a lot of love for a lot of people and is always willing to share it. Now he’s in need of some love of his own. After weeks of shooting the video for the standout track “Miracle” from his This Will Work For Now release, a process that has included over 40 extras, an 80-year-old woman to play the grandma role and a 5-year-old kid to play the grandson, the footage is gone. Not stolen, “gone” but “hard drive crashed” gone. Technology is a cruel mistress sometimes, and Kris needs a hand getting his lost baby back and there are two ways he is asking for help.

The first, is for some cash. He has already spent $1000 in trying to recover the material and this has not been an easy spiritual or financial time for Kris. The e-mail he sent out outlines how his grandmother in in the end stages of cancer while his grandfather has been moved into a care unit for Alzheimer’s, the renters in his home are moving out and he has maxed out his savings. The data recovery process is expensive, and not guranteed, so if you can help out with a couple bucks, click through here to his PayPal account to chip in. Anyone donating over $1 will get a copy of the Mixxy #2 mixtape.

The second is to turn this loss into a community building exercise. He has decided, if he is unable to retrieve the material, he will not re-shoot the “Miracle” video. Instead, everyone is invited to make their own videos for “Miracle” that will be shown at the Triple Rock Social Club on January 2nd for what would have been the “Miracle” release party. And from balloons to ginger root, Kris knows how to throw a party, so help a brother out and make your own mix. Listening to “Miracle” over and over can only be good for you in the wintertime.

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