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Picking Up Crumbs: Harper Simon + Peter Wolf Crier

26 Nov


Harper Simon may be the progeny of Paul Simon, but, well, you probably couldn’t tell at the Cedar Cultural Center Tuesday night. The Cedar was not allowed to use the familial connection in any marketing or promotion (partially explaining why tickets were slow-selling) and halfway through Simon’s set, it was clear that here was a decent guitar player leading a talented bar band around the country playing some jamming tunes and having a good time; all perfectly fine and nothing exceptional about the whole affair. Openers Peter Wolf Crier, on the other hand, have been building something transcendent with their debut record Inter-Be and live show This Is Not For You and any chance you get to catch them casting their intimate, gasping song live, you should jump at it. In fact, you should do it at the Turf Club on Friday, December 11th, because Peter Wolf Crier + No Bird Sing + Aby Wolf + Bethany Larson (reviewed by CakeIn15 here)= Night of Local Awesome, so don’t miss it.

For Staciaann’s full photoset from the Harper Simon show, click through to the City Pages site here.

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