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Picking Up Crumbs: Har Mar Superstar

5 Nov

Sean Tillman is ridiculous, and you gotta love him. And if you were to stack up the Owatonna-born performers currently working their way through the scene, Har Mar eats Owl City for breakfast, or as a post-show snack if he’s feeling saucy. He’s back in town for two shows backing his brand new record Dark Touches and the man has stayed busy. I could tell you about it here, but you would be better off reading about it in this interview for The A.V. Club. Because, really, that shit is hilarious. Also good is the “Crappy Holidays” series he’s put together with Ryan Ricketts and a bunch of awesome people. Here’s “Big Love” featuring Justin Long, who just makes Macs more and more appealing by doing this.

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