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Ranked Choice Voting

3 Nov

vote-smart-buttonIt is election day today, and though there is nothing as sexy as the fate of the free world hanging in the balance (except for maybe Amendment 168 that would dissolve the Board of Estimate and Taxation in Minneapolis and shift tax-levying power to the City Council- read for it here and against it here) it is still a momentous election. It is the first time we get to use the “Ranked Choice Voting” system (known as Instant Runoff Voting in other parts of the country) a system designed to give people the opportunity to rank their vote, ideally allowing candidates lower down the party tiers to pick up votes without feeling like you “threw away your vote” on the Green or Independence Party. We here at CakeIn15 are all for choice, and it is nice to have at least some local cracks in the bi-partisan behemoth. Seriously, if a Green Party candidate who understood cycling had sat on the Transportation Committee of the City Council, do you think we would have let the laughable re-design of Hennepin and First Ave happen? The system only works if you put votes in it, so go find your polling place and cast a ballot for someone, something- just not the Lizard People.

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