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Video Premiere: P.O.S. “Never Better”

30 Oct

Alright, so it came out a couple days ago on yo olde interwebs, which is an eon in the history of the tubes, so we weren’t going to post this, but then Kanye went and did it, so now we feel like we have to, if only as a segue to this interchange that took place last week while interviewing Har Mar Superstar (the interview will run over at The A.V. Club when Sean Tillman comes back into town November 5th & 6th):

Kanye blogged the video for “Tallboy” with Eva Mendes in it. That has to be an ego boost.

No. I was actually trying to campaign to get him to take it off his blog because I don’t want that kind of endorsement.

It’s good to be in touch with the zeitgeist. Either way, it’s the best video of the batch of six that was shot last winter, and perfect in time for Halloween. See, zeitgeist!

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