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Video Premiere: Fan Death “Reunited”

27 Oct

Fan Death came on to my radar earlier in the year because of “Goodbye Horses”- it’s the song that keeps on giving. The Canadian art-disco duo recorded a cover of the track which got a post at Gorilla v. Bear and fulfilled my need for alternate version of the track (something that Harlem’s version did not) that could be dance-y and still a little creepy. Their vocals have a sweet but disquieting blankness to them which they bring to this new track, “Reunited”. The video itself is hilarious, well produced, slick and I swear that might be actually be Marilyn Manson in the cameo. Plus it’s got Prince spinning plates, so you know their respect for the classics is in the right place. The duo has a new EP, “A Coin For the Well” coming out on The Pharmacy Recording Co. early next year and hopefully some touring plans after that.

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