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Picking Up Crumbs: The Raveonettes

26 Oct

The Danish duo of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo aren’t taking themselves so seriously. When they broke on to the scene in 2001, the world was black and white for The Raveonettes, they drew a straight line between motown, Phil Spector and made tight punkish harmonies that were as powerful as they were straightforward. Now out with their fourth studio full-length, In And Out Of Control, the world is a little lighter for the duo, with the expectation of wide-spread commercial success off them and a willingness to break with their previous structures and expectations. Even so, it’s not all sweetness and light- the songs deal with rape, suicide and drugs- but still grasp the upside of those darknesses, that living through and fighting back makes it all worth it, whether or not you have the control. The band hits First Avenue tonight and we were lucky enough to talk with Sharin Foo in her lovely lilt for The A.V. Club, so check it out.

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