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Tapes ‘n Tapes

30 Sep

Walk Around the Block or Bowl Cuts for Jesus!

When Tapes ‘n Tapes released their debut album The Loon in 2005, the blog-fueled internet buzz helped propel the record to critical and commercial success- the record was widely released on XL Records in 2006. Blogs saw it as self-validation, and T’nT made the most of the most of it, racking up festival appearances and praise. They followed up in 2008 with Walk It Off, which received less rapturous praise but saw solid success. In the interim, T’nT toured heavily, campaigned for Obama and took some time off. They come back this weekend for a three day, three show hometown tour with some other hot local talent. The “tour” kicks off on Thursday at the Entry with Mystery Palace and Lookbook, moves to the Music Box for an acoustic show with Jeremy Messersmith and the Owls and wraps up across the river at the Turf on Saturday with Chooglin’ and 2009 Picked to Click winners Red Pens (how did they know?) CakeIn15 caught up with frontman Josh Grier to talk about the tour, critical ups and downs, and haircuts.

CakeIn15: Why do three shows back to back?

Josh Grier: We thought it would be a lot of fun and something that would be fun for folks here, as music fans. I really like to see shows at the Entry and the Turf Club, and then the acoustic show at the Music Box sprung from doing acoustic things for radio where we would have to re-work songs. After a while, we were like, “This is fun, to go out and play these shows a little different.” And what better place to go out and do an all-acoustic show then down here in home.

CI15: Can people expect new material?

JG: We’re going to try and bust out some new songs. We’ll definitely be playing some new songs we played on the last tour. Were planning on it, but at the same time, if it doesn’t happen, it won’t be the most disappointing thing ever. We haven’t made up the set list, is all I’m saying here, so I think it’s how were feeling tomorrow night, and Friday and Saturday will just depend on that.

CI15: Given the reception that The Loon had and then the change to Walk It Off, were you disappointed by that?

JG: No, not really. All the success The Loon had was really unexpected, and I felt like Walk It Off was really successful too, for me the main thing with both the records was making something that was exciting for us and that we were happy about, so that’s how I judged it. Anything beyond that is out of our control. There wasn’t any let-down after Walk It Off got released, I was excited that people were hearing it and I’ll feel the same way about the new record, whenever that comes out.

CI15: Have you been putting together material for a new record?

JG: Yeah, we’ve been working on new stuff a lot and we are basically at the point where we are sifting through and taking song ideas and turning them into full formed songs. It’s always fun to try things out at small, fun shows.

CI15: With Walk It Off, you kept it under wraps that you were working with David Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). Have you been working with a secret producer?

JG: No, there is no secret producer at this point, we’re not at the point where we actually recording anything, we’re still writing so we haven’t made any final decisions with how we want the record to sound. I think once we get that point we’ll figure out, I mean, we’ll have to figure a producer but right now we’re trying not to put the carriage before the horse. We’re just trying to get the songs ready to go and one the songs are ready and we’ve got an idea of what kind of vibe we want we worry about figuring out all the recording details.

CI15: The last big show you played in town was the Basilica Block Party, which was a strange vibe for your set, filled with guys in Bermuda shorts and golf shirts. Do crowds like that weird you out?

JG: I try to not judge anybody who is at a show that we’re playing, I kind of figure that anyone who is there and having a good time, thats alright with me. To be honest, I don’t pay a lot of attention staring out into the audience, I’m usually zoned out paying attention to what we’re playing. I think I would get weirded out if I started staring out into the audience. I’m not a big fan of watching people watch me.

CI15: Yeah, that can be nerve-wracking. How’s your hair length?

JG: My hair length is less than optimal right now. I had it really long and then I cut it off about a month ago and now it is at a really awkward, intermediary stage. I am hoping to get a haircut before the show tomorrow night, or it might be kind of like helmet.

CI15: You could rock the bowl cut that you had in 5th grade.

JG: How did you know? [Laughs]

CI15: You did the “Jesus Josh” at the Basilica Block Party, that was apropos.

JG: I’m glad someone noticed. We were thinking about pushing it to greater lengths, but I didn’t know if that would be respectful.

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