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A Rare Appearance By Jayber Crow

11 Sep

Jayber Crow is one of those bands that you’re supposed to like in college.  It’s a band that your friends are in.  It’s a couple of guys you know through someone else who happen to play music.  The difference here is that initial fascination extends beyond graduation into the real world.  You realize that even though Pete and Zach are doing this music thing as a side gig because they love it, their music hits home and resonates somewhere deep inside.

Their 2008 release Two Short Stories starts off with “Saint Anthony,” a rollicking jostle that always brings me right to the falls.  Later in the album “Oh My God When I Drop Dead” makes sure you’re awake with a scream and a yowl.  I can’t help but find that the album is over before I’ve even had a chance to absorb and enjoy the entirety of it.  The songs are short, decisive, and somehow the very definition of Midwestern niceness and toughness. Listening makes me stomp my feet, pound my fists, and try to keep my body on the couch or in the car seat.  It’s good down home folk music meant to be sung by and danced to by the masses.

Since Zach now lives in another state, the band’s appearance at Java Jack’s in Minneapolis is a rarity, which is all the more reason to come out Saturday to see them.  Another high point is that local musician Sean Neary’s (Cloud Cult, Seymore Saves the World) other side project, Wapsipinicon, is opening.  Hot damn!  A two-fer.

Jayber Crow, Wapsipinicon, and Eva Mohn (Coach Said Not To) play Saturday, September 12th at Java Jacks in South Minneapolis.  Showtime is 7pm.

Free  Mp3s:
Oh My God When I Drop Dead
The Farmer and the Nomad

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