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Picking Up Crumbs: Eyedea

2 Sep

I am still waiting for a rock record this year to really jump inside my head, grab my cerebral cortex and refuse to let go, but it hasn’t really happened in a while. Instead, what has happened is a slate of really terrific local hip-hop records, most of whom have rejected the rote DJ-MC relationship in favor some element of live instrumentation have filled that rocking void. At the very least these records expand their sample repertoire, letting the Hardest Working Man in Show Business get some rest. P.O.S.Never Better is a rap record that tears apart skateboard punk, Ecce Beast from Kill The Vultures is bid-band noir, the Guante + Big Cats! release is a fiery wallop of live funk, No Bird Sing (more on them later) are way out in some existential ether and then, there’s Eyedea & AbilitiesBy The Throat. It’s a meatgrinder of a record, with Abilities’ fierce production smashing the Jeremy Ylvisaker and Carbon Carousel– enhanced guitar samples with Eyedea’s sing-songy and staccato deliveries. It’s not perfect- none of these records are- but perfection is not the point at all. As Eyedea said in this interview we conducted for City Pages, “It is important for human beings to expand and be free, to do whatever you want, to make whatever you want.”

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