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Picking Up Crumbs: Mad Men

19 Aug


Kudos to Jake Rudh and for throwing a killer party. The Mad Men Season 3 Premiere at Jax Cafe last Sunday was the party of the season. Cheers to Janey Winterbauer, Jeremy Messersmith and Lucy Michelle for stepping up to the standards and crooning like they had a Cuban Missile Crisis to forget about. Thanks to AMC for giving us Don Draper and the glossy machinations of Sterling Cooper with which to feed our fetishes for clean lines, class, race and gender barriers and a time when courtesy and chivalry were expected components of social life. And well done to everyone who came dressed to the nines and let Staciaann Photography take your picture. Check out the Staciaann Photography photobooth shots here, and the full event shots via here.

(Oh yeah, and super well done to Blacklist Vintage for providing the necessary items for us to look the part- a black dress with pink polka-dots on Staciaann’s part, a shawl lapel smoking jacket for c.a.s. To the nines.)

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