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Picking Up Crumbs: Drummers

18 Aug


Late night under the stars in Los Angeles a friend of mine, a talented guitar player, leaned over and told me joke-

You know the Beatles?

Umm, yeah.

You know what was great about the Beatles? John was the brain, Paul was the heart, George was the soul and Ringo- Ringo was the drummer.

Which is, of course, true, but not necessarily a knock on Ringo, who managed to keep steady time in fairly exalted company (and it would seem that rhythmic steadiness led to a love of trains, which paid off in his gig as Mr. Conductor of Shining Time Station. Or that may have been paying down debts, but that is neither here nor there- exalted company…) which is admirable, if not maybe all the respect one deserves.

So, in an effort to get drummers some more respect (except all the drummers I spoke with seemed to feel like they got appropriate respect, not mistreated at all, and well cared for) I spoke to a quartet of local drummers who make the best faces and play with the great energy- JT Bates, Anthony Poretti, Jeremy Hanson and Arlen Peiffer- to get the skinny on why they do it. It’s pure bias, my pitch was “I like watching drummers and someone should write something about them.” Turns out that someone was me. Turns out this is the article for City Pages.

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